Communication Package Prices

Pay what you use and still get something in return. With GETbizz, the costs of sending Emails, SMS, or Push Notifications yield you more than on any other platform! Why? Because GETbizz is always cleaning and hygienizing your data.

GETbizz Communication Packages
What you need to know about GETbizz communication packages:
They last 30% longer than other operators!

For the sends through other platforms, one communication package (Email or SMS) of 500.000 units have the worth of 500.000 units; but in GETbizz, the same package of 500.000 units is worth more because lasts 30% longer. So, this implies that a GETbizz package of 500.000 units is equivalent to a 650.000 units package from other operators, which is only possible because GETbizz has processes to clean, treat and normalize data, minimizing the waste of SMS and Email sendings.
* Case of with a 500.000 units package; however, the dynamics are the same for any other package - with GETbizz, your investment can be worth 30% more, depending on your communication plan.
Email and SMS Sends through GETbizz lasts 30% longer
Below you can see the pricing for Email and SMS packages. For both channels, Emails and SMS, the sending costs are prepaid, and you can buy them according to your use and needs. When your package is ending, GETbizz notifies you, and you can always track your spending in your GETbizz account!

Analyze the remaining prices

GETbizz's enormous flexibility is also in its price. Its modular structure serves both an SME - GETbizz Lite - and a large company - GETbizz Pro, customized to the limit of your needs.
For extra support, occasional, or more recurring aids, you can always count on an experienced team, who will help you speed up your campaigns to get the best ROI!