Customer Journey Activation Platform

GETbizz is an innovative platform to help you boost your brand's profitability and foster your customers' loyalty through their journey activation. Plus, GETbizz's key power is making personalization your most valuable asset, streamlining the communication experience.

GETbizz, an advanced tech platform with a handful of big innovations

GETbizz Innovation: Automatic and real-time ROI

Data & channels fusion

We mix data with communication channels for an integrated view of your customers
GETbizz Innovation: Automatic Data Cleaning

Data cleaning

Our data cleaning treats and corrects your data to optimize your communications' personalization.
GETbizz Innovation: Automatic and real-time ROI

Sales based ROI

ROI is calculated based on sales & in real-time, so you can adjust techniques and contents.
GETbizz Innovation: Omnichannel for a 360º view of your customers

Omnichannel campaigns

Different channels working together offers to your customer a seamless experience.
GETbizz Innovation: Integrated Database

No communication lists

Instead of lists, which are unproductive, we allow you to do filters directly to your database.